German Balance TF2 - By Selbi

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Suggestion List #1
Suggestion List #2
Suggestion List #3
Suggestion List #1
#1The Eureka Effect
Level 20 Wrench
Teleporters can be used in both directions
On Alt-Fire: Teleport to spawn
Cannot carry buildings

Doesn't work outside of MvM.

#2The Razorback
Level 10 Shield
Blocks a single backstab attempt
On Kill: Burst into joyous laughter

Laugh attribute does the opposite of what I expected.

#3The Enforcer
Level 5 Revolver
20% increase in damage when health <50% of max
20% decrease in damage when health >50% of max
No random crits

Basically, a ranaged Shahanshah for the Spy.

Simply doesn't work.

#4The Red-Tape Recorder
Level 1-100 Sapper
Reverses enemy building construction
-100% Sapper damage penalty
-50% Sapper health

Always ends up glitched. Sapper is attached, can't be removed,
does not disable the building, or deconstruct it.

Suggestion List #2
#1The Soda Popper
Level 10 Scattergun
Now builds hype as you get kills
5 kills fill the meter all the way

There's no way to do this, whatsoever. The mini-crit attribute is hard-coded to the Soda Popper.

#2The ! New Scout Bat !
Level 1 Bat
Alt-Fire: Launches a ball that marks players for death

Stun and Bleed is hard coded to the Sandman and Wrap Assassin.
The attribute has been added to the Wrap Assassin.

#3The Axtinguisher
Level 10 Fire Axe
100% critical hit vs burning players
-50% damage vs non-burning players
No critical hits vs non-burning players
User can be ignited

The Pyro's afterburn immunity is hard coded.
The attribute has been changed to increased damage taken from fire.

#4The Third Degree
Level 10 Fire Axe
All players connected via Medigun beams are hit
-50% damage while underwater.

There is no attribute to modify underwater damage.

#5The ! New Heavy Minigun !
Level 5 Minigun
+100% fire rate
-50% max ammo

+100% fire rate would mean having not even a femto second intervals between shots.
I think what you actually meant is halving the intervals, so it has been changed to 50%.

#6The Brass Beast
Level 5 Minigun
+20% damage bonus
+25% resistance all sources of damage while deployed
50% slower spin up time
-60% slower move speed while deployed

Resistances can't be restricted to only work while a Minigun is deployed.
The attribute has been changed to work at all times.

#7The Brass Fussock
Level 5 Laser Minigun
Fires Bison lasers
50% slower spin up time
-60% slower move speed while deployed
Cannot gain ammo from dispensers

It's not possible to combine hard coded weapons.

#8The Machina
Level 5 Sniper Rifle
Full Charge: Projectiles penetrate players
Fully charged headshots are explosive
Cannot fire unless zoomed
Fires tracer rounds

There's no way to restrict explosive headshots from only working on full charge.
Besides that, explosive headshots is only available in MvM.

#9The Jarate
Level 5 Jar Based Karate
Projectile can penetrate players

Arching projectiles (except for Huntsman arrows) can't penetrate players.

#10The Anti-Camper
Level 5 Backpack
Sustains a ring of fire when aiming
+20% max primary ammo on wearer
1 ammo consumed per second when aiming

Completely impossible concept, except for the increased ammo.

#11The Enforcer
Level 5 Revolver
Gains one guaranteed mini-crit for every backstab
50% slower firing speed penalty

There is no attribute for storing crits or mini-crits on kills.

#12The Stabby Pointy Poke Thingy
Level 5 Spy Knife
No attack noise from backstabs.
Backstabbed victims' bodies instantly disappear.
+10% Movement Speed
On hit: causes Bleed (secretly a downside)
50% narrower backstab angle. (90░, equal to that of the Holiday Punch and Backburner)
On miss: Hit yourself, idiot. (normal, non-backstab damage)

There's no attribute for modifying angles.
The attribute has been removed.

#13The Grandfather
Level 5 Invis Watch
50% faster cloak and decloak fade times
-100% recharge rate
Maximum charge gained from ammo capped at 35% (like the Dead Ringer)

There's no way to cap cloak gained from ammo.
The attribute has been removed.

Suggestion List #3
#1The Saboteur 66 (Scout)
Level 30 Indivisible Particle Smasher
Does not require ammo
Projectile penetrates enemy targets
Projectile cannot be deflected
On hit: Enemy is pulled toward the beam direction
25% Faster weapon switch
50% Longer reload
Deals only 20% damage to buildings

There is no "reverse knockback" attribute.

#2The Scottie's Sticky Clusters
Level 5 Stickybomb Launcher
Launches Cluster Sticky Bombs Which, when triggered to explode from Secondary Click, Launch four small bombs out from the center around the initial bomb that explode on contact with any surface or enemy
-50% max stickies out
-50% clip size
-65% damage per bomb
-50% explosion radius per bomb

Completely new item concept, not possible to do with the item schema.

#3The Handy Protector
Level 5 SMG
Crits on headshot
On Hit: Bleed for 2 seconds
30% faster weapon switch
+65% damage to self
50% fire damage vulnerability on wearer
20% slower reload time
Honorbound: Once drawn cannot be sheathed until it kills.
15% damage penalty
-30% clip size

The only way to make this possible would be by using the Ambassador, but the headshot cooldown time is hard coded.

#4The Crouton's Crossbow
Level 5 Revolver
+100% clip size
50% faster firing speed
40% faster reloading speed
Bolts have normal ramp-up
No headshots

Ramp-up behavior is hard coded to the Crossbow.
Attribute has been removed and now uses normal ramp up.

#5The Ye Oldie Kilt Bite
Level 5 Shield
+2500% charge turn contol
+1000% Charge Impact Damage
+25 Seconds Charge Duration
On Miss: Hit Yourself Idiot

The "On Miss" attribute is restricted to melee weapons.

#6The Quick Fix
Level 8 Medi Gun Prototype
▄berCharge increases healing by 300% and grants immunity to movement-impairing effects
+40% heal rate
+25% ▄berCharge rate
Move at the speed of any faster heal target.
-50% max overheal
75% faster overheal decay

Apparently, "No overheal" is hard coded to the Quick-Fix.

#7The ! New Spy Watch !
Level 5 Invisibility Watch
Wearer cannot ignite
-10% cloak duration
-10% cloak regeneration rate
2 health drained per second on wearer while active
20% fire damage vulnerability on wearer

Doesn't work. Valve probably removed the "Cannot ignite" attribute's functionality.